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"One should celebrate the parties as they come!" My grandpa taught me that. And because he’s so smart, there is no way I can contradict him! Whether birthday, communion, inauguration, or just like that: A happy time with loved ones is always great fun.

No matter why you want to "hit the drum": No party without gifts! How about you make it as easy as possible for your guests? Simply collect your wishes on an online wish list and share them with anyone who want to come. So every guest can choose something from the list and get it for you. No registrations, no extra costas, no more stress with having to exchanged unloved gifts! Bet you have never had such a relaxed party?

Most people love lavish parties and unforgettable celebrations. But then comes the inevitable question: What do I bring the host? What do you want to move in? Do you have something special for when yo come of age? With Frida you can make it easier for everyone. You can create an online wish list to use in special occasions for free and without registration and distribute the link directly with your invitation to all guests.

It’s great when, instead of the obligatory cognac bottle, Kai gives you the espresso cups that you have been toying with for so long. With a gift wish list for confirmation, engagement or even a happy divorce, you get gifts that you are really happy about.Embarrassment figos and exchanges are a thing of the past with the practical online wish list. If that’s not a reason to celebrate?!